Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The 2012 Women’s Wimbledon Whites Fashion and Personality Quiz

Match the Dress to the Tennis Star who will be Wearing It 
Reveal what your Favorite Dress says about YOU! 

Nike and Adidas have come out with their 2012 Wimbledon collections, tailoring a few dresses to specific players (hint: it’s obviously not about rankings…well, maybe in a few cases). To test your knowledge of players and their typical tennis style, match the dress to the individual you think might be wearing it at this year’s Wimbledon. Then, choose your favorite among the four styles, and discover what your choice says about you.

Females who chose this style as their favorite are most likely fairly conservative, but fiercely loyal. Chances are, they rarely kiss on the first date, never curse on court, and their accessories must always be matching. Check our key below to find out which star will be sporting DRESS # 1
DRESS # 2: Those who select this style are definite “girlie” girls, and others may (at times) refer to them as “high-maintenance.” They love makeup, nail polish, curls and heels – the higher, the better. They also like to show a little, but not too much skin!
Maria Sharapova Slam Statement - WomensMaria Sharapova Slam Statement - Womens

While this girl enjoys being the center of attention, she also likes to make a bold statement with her athletic ability. Because she goes full throttle with each and every point, she needs clothing that moves easily without fear of a wardrobe malfunction. DRESS # 3

The girl who selects DRESS # 4 is anything BUT predictable: while at times she is quite shy, occasionally, she’s a real spitfire! As evidenced by the cut of this dress and the neon stripe, she’s also a little bit quirky. Fun to be around, she maintains a sense of humor in all situations.
adidas Tennis Womens Adizero Dressadidas Tennis Womens Adizero Dress

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# 1: Victoria Azarenka, DRESS # 2: Maria Sharapova, DRESS # 3: Serena Williams, DRESS # 4: Ana Ivanovic

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Cute! Like the personality traits you list with each outfit. "Doesn't kiss on the first date" haha

Thanks Jackie! I'm happy you liked it :)

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