Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Babolat Story

If you have caught the tennis bug, chances are you play with a Babolat racquet or you know someone who plays with one. In addition to the invention of tennis strings, Babolat is currently the #2 manufacturer of tennis and badminton racquets, and
they have extended their line of products to shoes, balls, grips, over-grips, bags, accessories and stringing machines.

Babolat was founded in Lyon, France in 1875 - one year after tennis was invented. It is the oldest company specializing in racquet sports, and currently their tennis and badminton products can be found in sporting good stores and partner clubs in more than 100 countries.

Famous Babolat-toting tennis players include Rafael Nadal, Kim Clijsters, Andy Roddick, Samantha Stosur, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Dinara Safina and Fernando Gonzales, to name a few. 
                                                   Slogan: Tennis Runs in our Blood!
                                                                Logo: Double Line
With a long line of family dedicated to the innovation and advancement of racquet sports, Babolat has been indispensable to the game of tennis. 

Here is a just a glimpse of what they have accomplished over the years.

1874: Walter Clopton Wingfield creates tennis
1875: Pierre Babolat invents tennis strings, made of natural gut
1925: VS natural gut tennis string is created with the “Musketeers” in mind by Albert Babolat
Together the Musketeers (French players Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cochet and René Lacoste) acquire 20 grand slam and six Davis cup titles with VS string.
1955: Elascord, the first Babolat synthetic string, is invented
1968: Arthur Ashe becomes the first African-American Wimbledon champion, and he later wins the first U. S. Open – with Babolat strings
1980: Double line logo is developed
1994: Pierre Babolat launches the first group of Babolat tennis racquets
1995: Launch of first Babolat badminton racquets
1998: Carlos Moya is the first to win a grand slam with a Babolat racquet at the French Open
2001: European Launch of first Babolat tennis balls
2003: Launch of first Babolat tennis shoe with partner, Michelin
Andy Roddick wins U. S. Open with Babolat racquet and strings
2004: Launch of Aero racquet adopted by Rafael Nadal
2005: Babolat players Nadal and Clijsters both win grand slams – French Open and U. S. Open
2007: Propulse tennis shoe is launched
2008: Launch of new Xfeel badminton racquets for high-level players
Nadal wins 4th consecutive French Open title and Wimbledon
Nadal wins men’s singles gold medal at Beijing Olympics, Dinara Safina wins women’s singles silver medal
Kenneth Jonassen becomes European Badminton champion with Babolat Xfeel racquet
Nadal is ranked #1 men’s singles tennis player in the world
2009 and Beyond: There have been more than 100 grand slam wins with Babolat racquets and strings, making it the #1 brand among TOP 100 ranked players!

The folks behind the Roland-Garros Tennis Venue at the French Open have embraced the Babolat Company as they are driven by a common bond: a passion for tennis. Consequently, they have announced a unique collaboration for 2011 – two historic French Brands joining together for a five-year period to service tennis fans all over the world. In addition to supplying the official tennis balls for the French Open, Babolat will also be providing stringing services to all French Open competitors and a complete line of Babolat/Roland-Garros products to all French Open fans!

Check out our favorites from Babolat!

Favorite racquet - Babolat Aeropro Drive French Open - $199Favorite string - Babolat VS Touch Thermogut Strings 16g - $42.95
Favorite men's shoes - Babolat Men`s Propulse 3 Tennis Shoes - $109Favorite women's shoes - Babolat Women`s V-Pro Lady Tennis Shoes - $85
Favorite bag - Babolat Classic Racquet Holder X6 Blue - $39.95Favorite grip - Babolat Natural Leather Grip - $10.95

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