Thursday, August 23, 2012

UNIQLO Launches Latest Line of Tennis Apparel in the U.S.

If you are watching tennis, then you've probably already noticed that Novak Jokovic has changed his sponsor from Sergio Tacchini to UNIQLO. Up until now, UNIQLO tennis line wasn't accessible for those who are in the U.S., but yesterday the company announced the launch of a new line designed for Novak in New York City stores (at the UNIQLO 5th Avenue Store, the 34th Street Store and the Soho Store).
Novak Djokovic at UNIQLO press conference, 2012
Though the line wouldn't contain exact clothing Novak will be wearing, it would closely resemble the look and feel of the actual performance wear that Mr. Djokovic will sport at the 2012 U.S. Open Tournament.

Novak contributed to the design of the clothes. As he mentioned, the creative team discussed with him a number of details regarding overall design, types of fabrics and materials, and even colors. As Novak Djokovic commented, “The UNIQLO creative team, led by Takizawa-san, understands the importance of achieving the right balance of these elements so that my performance wear can support my movement on the court and give me an extra boost of confidence when aiming for my points.”

Here is a glimpse on the new collection which is coming to the stores.

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I'm sure these tennis clothes are very comfortable to wear. I will check these out this weekend.

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