Thursday, August 16, 2012

3 Great Hairstyles for Playing Tennis

When female tennis players are doing their moves on the courts, it is ideal to have no strands of hair blocking their view or getting matted to their faces with sweat. It is uncomfortable as well to have strands flying around beside your face while you are trying to beat your opponent. Hence, it is essential to keep your locks in place in a proper hairstyle that is appropriate for playing this sport most especially if you have long hair.

Here are 5 fantastic hairstyles, for keeping those locks in place and for sporting a fashionable look too, that you can try whenever you are set to play tennis:

1. Rolled Braids

Braids are very common among female athletes because they are truly effective in keeping your hair in place and away from the neck and the face. You should give rolled braids a try because they are even better than the regular french braids that you usually do. These rolled braids refer to two or more braids that are fused together or rolled into one.

How can you do such braids? Follow these steps:
a. Part your hair into two sections. Clip first one side, while you braid the other side.
b. In braiding each side, make sure that you start at the top portion and gather additional chunks of hair on the left and on the right as you move down and pass the center. This way, it will be more secure. It would also help to use hair spray to keep all the strands from flying away.
c. Once you have braided each side up to the nape, remove the clips or bands. Separate the hair into three sections again for a third braid which will begin with the nape up to the the tip of your hair. This is the part where you are joining together the two side braids.
d. When you have completed the third braid, you can tie a rubber band around it to finish. If the hair is quite long and you want to avoid having the braid swaying from side to side while you are playing, you can opt to twist it into a bun at your nape and to secure it with pins. Moreover, you can simply fold it upward and clip it at the middle or bottom part of your head.

2. Side Braid Updo

When it comes to great hairstyles for playing tennis, braids are always winners. The side braid updo is one of the most stylish but simplest that you can apply. Here are the steps on how to go about it:
a. Gather some hair by your left ear and divide it into three sections to prepare for the braid.
b. Braid the hair by going upward to the center top of the head and on to the right ear where you will end.
c. As you move along, do not forget to keep gathering small chunks of hair on both sides as you pass the center. This way, the braid will be secured onto the scalp.
d. When you reach the right ear, tie the end of the braid behind the ear with a small elastic hair band no matter long is left of the hair. Just let the remaining strands fall behind the ear along with majority of your hair from behind the side braid up to the tips.
e. For your remaining locks, you can choose an updo that you would like to utilize--- a high ponytail, a bun, a french twist, and other similar styles.

3. Top Knot

One of the most practical hairstyles in this sport that you can use is the top knot. This is not only good for a sleek and stylish appearance, but it can also make you look taller and more slender. If you position the bobby pins properly and you apply hair spray, you can be sure that no strands of hair will be flying around your face any time during your game.

Here is how to do it:
a. Gather your hair in a high ponytail at the upper back of your head. Secure it with an elastic hair band.
b. Twist the ponytail around the hair band to create a bun. Use bobby pins all around to secure the bun. Make sure to push them all the way.
c. Look for strands of hair around that you may have to pin too. If you have bangs, you should pin them too.
d. Put on hair spray to keep everything in place even when you are on the move out there. You may also want to add a headband to keep the bangs away and also to add an accent to your hairdo.

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