Monday, October 31, 2011

Favorite Finds: Weed Tennis Racquets

Are you hitting your overheads on the throat of your racquet? Do you need a larger hitting area to generate power and steady your game? Check out Weed Racquets. Weed is a manufacturer established in 2001 and based in the USA that concentrates on making the LARGEST HEAD SIZE ALLOWED, according to regulations from the International Tennis Federation (ITF)!

Patented Weed racquets, constructed of 100% braided graphite, include models that are 125 and 135 square inches. The large head size makes these racquets a favorite with tennis aficionados - from beginners to ranked players! Regular Weed customers are mainly avid senior tennis players who especially value Weed’s great customer service and racquet knowledge. The company is located just north of Columbus, OH.

The Weed Story:
The original Weed racquet was developed by Thurlow “Tad” Weed in the early 1970’s.  Tad had formerly enjoyed a position as placekicker for the Ohio State football team in the 1950’s, and eventually moved on to playing recreational tennis.  Being a “throat hitter” he wanted a racquet with a larger hitting area, so he made one!  

Weed racquets can be found at Amazon and at some tennis merchants.

Especially designed for control, the Weed X-One25 27.5 features a reduction of 10 square inches in head size and an increase in weight by roughly 0.5 ounces. A 28 mm cross-section makes for a solid feel when the ball impacts the racquet face. The super-sized head, light racquet weight and 27.5 inch length makes for great ground strokes, overheads and volleys! Purchase at Amazon for $189.95.

Presenting one of the largest sweet spots to be found in today’s tennis market, the Weed EXT 135 Blue has a cross-section that is 28 mm wide which creates a very solid feel at just about any point on the racquet face! A super-sized head and light racquet weight make for easy volleys and comfortable serves - perfect for mature tennis aficionados! This racquet is available at Amazon for $199.95.

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I have never tried a Weed racquet but after reading your article I will definitely try it out, especially because you mentioned that these tennis racquets can be used by pros and beginners! Thanks for the info!

Demo'd one last year for a week. I'm a 4.0 player, mostly baseliner, and was fairly amazed that I could keep the ball in the court with it. Control was better than I expected, incredible spin, and didn't miss a return of serve. Would have to work a lot on my serve - but someday I'll realize I should try one of these full-time. I'm mid-50's, with limited vision and mobility; this racquet could make the game much easier for me...

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