Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wimbledon Odds: In Whose Favor Are They?

With so many unexpected outcomes during the French Open (except probably the fact of who would be a champion), everyone is interested in Wimbledon odds. We'd like to take a look at all the possibilities and analyse what to expect.

On the men's side:

1. Roger Federer. A couple of years ago one would have little doubt that "King Roger" would win the trophy. Besides, he is the last year champion. But lately Roger's performance was not that good and his early elimination in French Open didn't give us confidence about his capability to win the Wimbledon.

2. Rafael Nadal. The king of clay is not playing that good on the grass surface, though he is definitely one of the favorites and we can surely envision him as a winner of Wimbledon. Again.

3. Novak Djokovic will surely do anything that in his power to win the trophy once again and gain more confidence for the next Grand Slam.

4. Andy Murray is undoubtedly the most favorite player in the tournament. His last year Olympic gold medal earned on grass, and support from all his countrymen makes him a likely candidate for this year Wimbledon trophy.

On the women's side:

1. Serena Williams. One would think that something really unexpected should happen for Serena not to defend her last year trophy and become Wimbledon winner again. I'd put most odds in her favor.

2. Maria Sharapova should stay focused and play a really great game to win the tournament. Though if she is "lucky" enough to play with Serena the odds would not probably be in her favor.

3. Victoria Azarenka might beat Maria, but will she be able to withstand Serena's power? We are about to see in a while...

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