Monday, July 4, 2011

Terrific and Trendy, Tennis-Related Toys

Adult tennis aficionados occasionally pass their love for the game on to their pint-sized offspring. And with rock stars like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, tennis is definitely gaining in popularity among teenagers and young adults. Check out these terrific and trendy toys for little and not-so-little lovers of tennis!

Most little girls are wild about Bratz Dolls. Half-pint tennis lovers can find Yasmin and Meygan, Fianna and Vinessa collectibles - in limited quantities - at These smart and sassy fashionistas come with all kinds of trendy tennis accessories and cool, crisp tennis styles – perfect for ages six and up – love-love! $99.99 for pair and accessories

Little tennis lovers might also enjoy Frog Tennis, available at for $34.90 and at many department stores. Simply flip the frog over the net using a button-activated racquet in this fast-action game with electronic sounds – “ribbits,” “croaks” and “splashes” whenever the frog hits the pond! Score a point when your opponent misses a volley – the first to five wins! Ideal for kids ages six and up.

These cute and cuddly stuffed animals are available at These little tennis critters are fun for folks from five to fifty!

Another find at, Sports Bear explains the rules of tennis in a fun way with this great children’s book! Written by a USPTA professional, basic tennis strokes are described and demonstrated in 16 pages with full-page color illustrations. $12.50

Get these awesome bendable figures - Tennis Pro Joe Bender ($8.79) and Ace Jane Bender ($8.95) – from The 3 x 1 x 3 inch characters and accessories are all packed inside a 3" round tin. Recommended for ages 6 to adult, they are made from durable, plastic-coated wire which can bend every which-way and there are magnets in the hands and feet.

Finally for the not-so-little kids, there’s Topspin 4 for Xbox 360, which can be found at for $36.99. This action-packed and challenging video game will test the knowledge and skills of any tennis lover. This great game is also available for PS3 and Wii. These are just a few of the great tennis toys and games on the market. Stayed tuned for more in a future post!

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