Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tennis Personality Quiz

Rolland Garros 2011 is over, bringing rather unexpected winner on a women's side, and allowing Roger Federer to break (at last) Novak Djokovic's winning parade. Now, while everyone is in anticipation of Wimbledon, we decided to bring out some fun for you.

As you know, personal preferences can say A LOT about your style and personality. Take this short quiz to find out what your tennis preferences reveal about you!

1. Of these four, who is your favorite male tennis player?
a) Roger Federer
b) Rafael Nadal
c) Novak Djokovic
d) Lleyton Hewitt

2. Of these four, who is your favorite female tennis player?
a) Justine Henin
b) Serena Williams
c) Maria Sharapova
d) Samantha Stosur

3. What is the best accessory to wear on the head?
a) A simple hat
b) A stylish headband that ties
c) Nothing at all
d) A backwards hat and/or sunglasses

4. Which “lucky charm” would you choose?
a) None – winning is about skill, not luck
b) An expensive watch or flashy pair of earrings
c) A cross or medal of my patron saint
d) Lucky underwear and/or socks

5. What is your favorite color to wear on court?
a) White – clean and classic
b) Bright orange
c) It changes, but ultimately – if I think it looks good, I wear it
d) Who cares - I just want to get out and play

6. What is your preferred style of play?
a) Play with precision, serve and volley when needed
b) Play with power, go for big shots
c) Play with grit and determination
d) Play to win and have a lot of fun

7. What is your favorite Grand Slam?
a) Wimbledon
b) The French Open
c) The U. S. Open
d) The Australian Open

Take a look at the following summaries to reveal what your preferences say about you! Remember: Some people may have two strong areas (for example, mostly “Cs” and “Ds” which means they exhibit traits from both categories.

More “A” choices: Even though you have a somewhat conservative fashion sense, you typically exude good taste! You are more concerned with “cut” than “color” – therefore, you tend to prefer a few well-made articles of clothing as opposed to a closet full of less expensive pieces. While you are not uncomfortable with attention from others, you don’t need to seek it. You navigate through life with quiet confidence!

More “B” choices: Definitely NOT a shrinking violet, your style preferences are bold and sometimes brash. You have a variety of interests that keep you busy, and you are naturally talented in many areas. Although you secretly doubt yourself at times - when asked about you, others would say you are gregarious and engaging. Your family is extremely important to you, and you are fiercely loyal to both family and friends!

More “C” choices: A no-nonsense type of person, you tend to be practical and are often successful in business-type ventures. Although intensely driven, many in this group also exhibit a “work hard-play hard” personality, meaning you are not afraid to reward yourself for all of your hard work, and you have a lot of self-pride. Style-wise, you tend to enjoy either pastels or primary colors, nothing with too much pattern or god forbid…“neon!”

More “D” choices: Typically a laid back, “outdoorsy” type, you care more about comfort than style. Often the “life of the party,” you thoroughly enjoy social events and prefer the company of other people to being alone. You are as relaxed at a backyard barbecue as you are at a black-tie affair. People in this category don’t spend a lot of time worrying what others think …if they are enjoying life, that’s all that matters!

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